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Asset Verification

A large portion of the assets acquired through acts of corruption can never be recovered by victim for the simple reason i.e. its was never possible to locate them.

DDA is immensely experienced and have various contacts which enable us to trace assets which may be hidden anywhere in the country. We also investigate assets generated by unlawful means.

Our main purpose of adopting asset tracing method is to help find a fraud which is an offence and to trace/identify assets that have been stolen i.e. offshore assets property, or hidden by ownership connected to individual /companies/corporate, investment in shares and bonds.

In such cases we have a prominent role to play in the tracing of the proceeds of serious economic crime and corruption. We are happy to advise our clients on investigation of determined assets which are hidden or real.

De-Bugging Equipment

Vital information and intelligence can be compromised by planting bugs by competitors in the premises of a company or organisation. Our experts are trained to detect and eliminate the bugs by state of the art de–bugging devices, thus preventing loss of critical information to your rivals

Litigation Support

We help counsel in preparing for litigation or designing settlement strategy by:-

  • Developing evidence to substantiate material allegations
  • Identifying and locating witnesses
  • Investigating adverse witnesses
  • Assessing the opposing party to determine litigation or settlement strategy.

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