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The subject is shadowed to monitor his/her routine and movement and to find the identity of people he/she interacts with.

The act of surveillance can be done by anyone, but professional surveillance can make the difference when trying to gain information on a suspect or situation. Surveillance can be either stationary or mobile, on single or multiple subjects, and can be either simple or complex. The key to success comes from gaining information without trespassing and without discovery of the surveillance.

Surveillance is a very important aspect of Private Investigation. A person’s activities are noted along with all the necessary relevant information which is always extremely beneficial to Corporate Houses as well as Individuals. We ensure that we use highly trained and intelligent Investigators to discreetly monitor the activities of the said person.

Pre Employment Verification

Investigations are carried out on potential candidates being considered for employment by the client. Candidate’s educational qualification, previous employment, salary details, character, criminal record etc. are verified to help clients  select the most suitable candidate for employment.

Our Background Screening Program is a timely step with inestimable economic and strategic advantages to an Organization. It includes

  • Residence Verification
  • Criminal / Police Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Qualification Verification
  • Reference Verification

Undercover Agents

Under this program, we plants our professionals into a Client Company at various hierarchical levels to decipher the root cause of all anti-management activities, pilferages and thefts, leakage of information, sabotage, production losses / wastages, and any other inside information that needs to be known. Our teams of professionals consist of various businesses, ethnic, social and geographical backgrounds. Our Operatives along with training in the field are capable of working in a number of industries and occupations.

Undercover Operations are a very complex task and we formulate a custom strategy to correctly plant our Operative into the Client setup and scoop out as much information on any unethical practices

Post Employment Verification

Under this program, our professionals find out details of the present and past employment of employees whose cases are pending in Labour / Industrial Courts. Numerous organizations have taken advantage of this program to reduce their liabilities. 

An employee has access to confidential information about the conduct and contacts, so it becomes essential for employers to know the movements of their employees. Post employment screening deliver vital information to the employer on lifestyles and social issues. Any employee in a significant position within the company has the potential to cause severe damage if access can be gained to confidential information. 

Our services consist of investigation on over all work attitudes, employment checks, involvement of employees in parallel businesses, meetings with competitors, and activities after office hours and other such information. For any information an employer requires, we adopt a number of different approaches based on the assignment at hand

Credit Worthiness and Due Diligence

Generally, due diligence refers to the care a reasonable person should take before entering into an agreement or a transaction with another party. We have highly qualified Chartard Accountants, Legal Advisors and Professionals for Due Diligence when any person or party decides to purchase a property or any other asset which usually depends on the result of the due diligence analysis therefore we take utmost care to review of all financial records plus anything else deemed material to the sale.

Our market assessment for patents and evaluation of patents for acquisition or licensing:

  • Analyze the market for potential patent applications or newly issued patents;
  • Evaluate the market for potential competing products to those covered by patents the client is evaluating to acquire or license;
  • Analyze potential market(s) for patents; and
  • Acquire products for further technical evaluation.

Infringement of Trademark, Patents and Copyrights

Our Investigations to evaluate potential infringement:
  • Identify companies in your market and nearby markets;
  • Identify products of these companies with features/functionality that have potential to infringe your patents' claims;
  • Collect documentation of this potential infringement; and
  • Acquire products for further technical evaluation.

Asset Verification

A large portion of the assets acquired through acts of corruption can never be recovered by victim for the simple reason i.e. its was never possible to locate them.

We have various contacts which enable us to trace assets which may be hidden anywhere in the country. We also investigate assets generated by unlawful means.

Our main purpose of adopting asset tracing method is to help find a fraud which is an offence and to trace/identify assets that have been stolen i.e. offshore assets property, or hidden by ownership connected to individual /companies/corporate, investment in shares and bonds.

In such cases we have a prominent role to play in the tracing of the proceeds of serious economic crime and corruption. We are happy to advise our clients on investigation of determined assets which are hidden or real.

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